Scientists Back UV Light Applications for Reducing SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Indoors

LED inside. com| posted: July.16, 2020  Since many places have ended lockdowns and return to usual life but the threat of COVID-19 continues, it is important to maintain social distance and intensify disinfection in public areas. UV light ...

FOR 2020-07-17

IES and IUVA Introduce ANSI Standard for UV-C Measurement for Disinfection

  LED inside. com| posted: June.24, 2020 The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) have partnered to develop American National Standards for the measurement and characterization of UV-...

FOR 2020-06-24

New Research Proposes Transparent Conductor Material for High Performance UV Light Emission

LED inside. com| posted: June.4, 2020 To enhance UVC disinfecting applications, a new study proposed an alternative transparent conductor that deliver UV spectrum to solve the issue of low efficiency of current UV LED technology. Th...

FOR 2020-06-11

Google Maps Reportedly to Add Lightning Feature to Improve Safety

LED inside. com| posted: Dec.10, 2019 When arriving a new place, Google Maps usually helps to locate our destinations and lead us there. However, some of the route might include streets and roads that are too dark or narrow which we would avoid when...

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Office lighting should be CRI 90, says Signify

LUX magazine | posted: 22 November 2019 Signify says a move to a CRI of 90 would support the trend to put health and well-being in the workplace at the top of the agenda and tie in the increasingly widely-adopted WELL Building Standard. ...

FOR 2019-11-23

Child injured as 20m luminaire falls into swimming pool

LUX magazine | posted: 27June 2019   The linear light unit, one of four illuminating the perimeter of the pool at Southbury Leisure Centre in Enfield, London, plunged down during a family swimming session at the facil...

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